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Holy Savior Mass recognizes Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

In order to give the students at Holy Savior Catholic Academy the opportunity to use their Spanish skills in a meaningful manner, they helped plan, practice, and participate in a bi-lingual (Spanish/English) Mass. Students joyfully celebrated the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12th by singing, reading, reciting, and praying in Spanish. The eighth graders were given many important responsibilities throughout the Mass. Jadai Gander read an introductory story about Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe. The duties of the altar servers were performed by Dennis Maina, Angel Vazquez, and Jaelyn Saulsberry. MaKaylie Betts read the first reading in Spanish, and Hayley Dougherty presented the Responsorial Psalm in English and Spanish. Kaleah Davis recited the Alleluia in both languages and Nevaeh Sanchez presented the Petitions with the response in Spanish. Michael Glover, Jalen McClish, Kaleah Davis and Christopher Morgan were responsible for the Offertory collection and bringing up of the Offertory gifts. Faith Andrew and Jada Mayberry beautifully sang a duet of "Santo, Santo, Santo," which is a Spanish rendition of "Holy, Holy, Holy." The eighth-grade girls had the opportunity to wear traditional Mexican dresses which added color and a special flare to the Mass. The highlights of the Mass were when the entire student body recited in unison the Padre Nuestro, the Our Father in Spanish, and when the students joyfully gave each other the sign of peace in Spanish. Fr. Jerome Beat gave of his time to celebrate the Mass in Spanish with the Holy Savior students and staff. He presented a beautiful homily which included an in-depth story of Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe, support for why students should learn Spanish as a second language, and included words of encouragement and praise for Holy Savior’s sponsorship of Lucy in Kenya, Africa through the organization, Unbound.  As a retired priest, Fr. Beat spends his weekends throughout the country recruiting new sponsors for Unbound.

The idea for a bilingual Mass began as a small seed this summer and blossomed into a beautiful rose with the help from the students, teachers, administration, and Fr. Beat. This summer, Mrs. Christine Sementelli, the Spanish teacher at Holy Savior Catholic Academy, contacted Principal Dr. Delia Shropshire and requested that the all school Mass for December 12th be reserved for a special tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was fitting that the Mass actually would be on the actual feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of the Americas. Time was spent finding prayers, songs, and ideas for the mass. Students worked hard to learn the music with the help of teachers, Mrs. Mary Pearson, Ms. Andrea Penelton, and Mr. Justin Hall, Holy Savior’s music director. Students spent about half of each Spanish class during the months of October, November, and December working on the prayers, songs, responses, and the flow of the Mass. It truly was a team effort. The motivation for excellence had to be preserved by reminding students that in order to do their best on “game day” their best effort had to be present for every practice. The students took responsibility for the task of learning so many new things in Spanish. Since more than half of the students at Holy Savior Catholic Academy are not of the Catholic faith and many of our Catholic students are recently new to the Catholic faith, this event not only gave them an understanding of the Mass in Spanish, it gave them a better understanding of the parts of the Mass in general. This was truly an unexpected outcome.

The students were given the difficult task of learning songs, prayers, responses, and the order of the Mass in Spanish. With the grace of God and a lot of hard work and support from many including classroom teachers, the students rose to the occasion. Through this experience a sense of joy and accomplishment was given to the students along with a better understanding of the Mass and hopefully a desire to learn Spanish.  

Holy Savior Catholic Academy: An Example of Faith and Diversity

This is a video that was produced by KSN, Channel 3 about Holy Savior Catholic Church.  The video was shown Aug. 16, 2012 during the Inter-Faith Ministries Humanitarian Awards Dinner, where Holy Savior Academy received the Spirit of Faith Award.

Holy Savior hosts "Pizza for Parishioners"

Holy Savior Catholic Academy hosted “Pizza for Parishioners” on Sunday, Nov. 23 after the 11 a.m. Mass.  School students, parents and staff members provided the pizza and a short program as a way of saying “thank you” to the parish for its support of the academy.

Sr. Barbara Croom celebrates 50th year as vowed religious

Sister Barbara Croom, ASC, recognized her 50th year of vowed professed religious life on Saturday, Sept. 15 at Holy Savior Catholic Church with a Mass and a celebration dinner.

In addition to Sister Barbara, who serves as Pastoral Assistant at Holy Savior, the Mass also celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Sister George Ann Biscan, also of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ.  Celebrants for the Mass were Fr. Barry Fischer, CPPS, and Fr. Jim Billinger.

The Mass included a renewal of vows by Sister Barbara and Sister George Ann.  Following the Mass, a dinner was held in the Holy Savior gymnasium.

Sister Barbara said she never doubted the call she heard to religious life, but there were challenges.  As an African-American, Sr. Barbara said part of the reason she decided to join the Adorers was because it was among the few religious congregations at the time that was open to accepting African-Americans.

Sr. Barbara believes deeply in the Adorers’ mission, which includes bringing people together through a reconciling and forgiving presence.

“The suffering, dying and rising of Christ was Jesus giving His love for us in reconciliation and forgiveness for our sins,” Sr. Barbara says in her Adorers’ profile. “As Adorers of the Blood of Christ, reconciliation is a strong charism. We strive to direct our energies toward helping people get along with each other, possibly having them see some aspect of their life that could be done differently.”

Sr. Barbara has performed many duties and responsibilities throughout her life, including serving as a teacher and providing child care for neglected youths.  At Holy Savior, her responsibilities include directing the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults process.

Hundreds turn out for annual parish picnic

Holy Savior Catholic Church hosted its annual Parish Picnic on Sunday, Sept. 23.  More than200 people enjoyed a day of food, music, and fellowship.

Children – and adults -- were treated to a piñata, horse-riding, and cotton candy.  The picnic was sponsored by the Holy Savior Social Committee.  Holy Savior offers a special thanks to the food preparers and all volunteers who helped make the event a success. 

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