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Generations of Faith program set for Wednesday, Nov. 19

Holy Savior Catholic Church will host its next Generations of Faith program on Wednesday, Nov. 19 from 6 to 8:15 p.m.

Generations of Faith is a parish program that is focused on lifelong faith formation and has the mission of increasing the participation in church life among participants.

Generations of Faith begins at 6 p.m. with Mass.  A potluck dinner will follow. This year’s program, “How Catholics Read the Bible,” will be presented by Joshua Bitting, Program Coordinator from the Catholic Diocese of Wichita Office of Faith Formation.

A signup sheet for the potluck dinner is available in the church vestibule.

Holy Savior member starts social work program at Holy Savior

Holy Savior member Pamela Mason has started a new social work-related program that will be based out of the church and school offices.

Mason, who is seeking a master’s degree in social work at Wichita State University, is required to complete a practicum in the community to develop her skills as an Advanced Generalist’s Social Worker.  With the permission of Fr. Billinger and Ms. Shropshire, Mason is completing her practicum at Holy Savior Catholic Church and Academy through May 2013.  Her areas of focus are outreach to the grieving and lonely, and developing a single parent support group.  She will be working with various parish ministry and leaders already involved in this work.  As a school social worker, she is focusing on grief and loss and conflict resolution as a way to support students in achieving academic success and teachers in meeting the needs of their students.

Mason will work out of the church and school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  She can be reached at 316-207-2532 for anyone who needs support or assistance in her areas of focus.

Mason came to Holy Savior in 1992 at the invitation of a fellow social worker.

“This invitation changed my life and our family has been blessed to have all four of our children graduate from Holy Savior Catholic Academy,” said Mason, who serves as a lector, Catholic Youth Ministry advisor, Parish School of Religion Catechist, and chair of the Hispanic Council Ministry.

“I share these things with you because God has blessed our family in so many ways and when the Lord blesses you, He asks that you use these blessings to touch other’s lives,” she said. 

From Mason

Bishop celebrates Mass at Holy Savior Parish

Bishop Michael Jackels celebrated Mass at Holy Savior Catholic Church on Sunday, Nov. 27.  Bishop shared information about the TOGETHER Vision, which has three goals:

-- To strengthen the oneness or community between parish and Diocese

-- To deepen our practice of stewardship as a way of life, sharing responsibility for the mission of the Church.

-- To invite everyone to help fund seminarian education, Catholic formation programs and renovation of the Cathedral campus.

During Bishop Jackels’ visit, Donna Douglas and Michael Birzer, co-chairs of the Holy Savior Pastoral Council, presented the Bishop with a check for $22,500 from Holy Savior Parish to the TOGETHER Vision.

Following the 11 a.m. Mass, a potluck meal was held in the parish gymnasium.

Book fair benefits HSCA and other Catholic school libraries

Students from Holy Savior Catholic Academy had the opportunity to sing during the 7th Annual Catholic Schools Book Fair on Nov. 8 at Barnes & Noble at Bradley Fair.

The book fair was a benefit event for several libraries of schools within the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, including Holy Savior. The event also promoted reading among young people.

Holy Savior thanks DeAnn White, who organized the event, and all those who purchased books or made donations for the benefit of Catholic school libraries.

An evening with friends of Holy Savior

On Saturday, Sept. 10, about 40 people who are wonderful friends and supporters of Holy Savior Catholic Academy gathered at the home of Yolanda and Gene Camarena for an evening of fellowship and celebration.

The Benefactor Recognition event included a program with Holy Savior students performing songs under the direction of Karla Burns. Fr. Jim Billinger and Principal Delia Shropshire addressed the group to share good news about the academy, and to thank supporters for their generosity. In addition, academy student Mystic Ross and academy graduate Quinn Tolbert both spoke about what Holy Savior has meant to them.

Holy Savior wants to thank everyone who helped make this a wonderful evening with friends!


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