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God's Food Pantry was begun by the Sisters of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in 1984 out of their convent on 13th street at the Holy Savior Church campus.  It was later administered by two Sisters of St. Joseph.  When they left the parish, the responsibilty was assumed by a dedicated staff of parishioners.  The Pantry moved to it's current location in the St. Peter Claver complex at 1209 N. Indiana in 1999.

Not much has changed since those early days except the increased number of people seeking assistance.  Food is distributed to between 450 and 550 families twice a month.  The client demographics are across all ethnic groups and geographic areas of Wichita.  Of the persons served, 23% are seniors and 26% are children. The Pantry is a "open-door" agency which means that there is no need verification process - anybody who comes will be served.  There is a minimal registration process and all clients receive the same amount of food regardless of household size.  It is very moving to see people standing in line in all types of weather, often with children in tow, for a simple bag of groceries.

The Pantry is staffed entirely by volunteers from several parishes.  It is funded by private donations which are used to acquire food from the Kansas Food Bank and, when necessary, local retail markets.  Several parishes have ongoing food drives which are an essential ingredient in keeping the shelves stocked.

This is a wonderful ministry!

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18        3R’s Parenting Class – “Cooking Matters for Parents” – 6-8p (Rm 8)


20         3R’s Parenting Class – “NAU” – 6pm


25        3R’s Parenting Class – “Cooking Matters for Parents” – 6-8p (Rm 8)


26        LATE START – School begins at 9am


27        3R’s Parenting Class –TBA


28        Parent/Teacher Conferences – NO SCHOOL Q1 Report cards distributed at conferences


30        CSAL Coaches Certification Clinic


31        Teacher In-Service Day– NO SCHOOL CSAL Basketball Practice begins







1          All Saints Day – HOLY DAY Tuition Payment Due


3          Scholar’s Bowl (TBD)


            3R’s Parenting Class – Preparing Your Child for Steward Assessments – 6p


7          Fall Picture Day – Students can dress UP for pictures!!!


9          LATE START – School begins at 9am


10        3R’s Parenting Class –“Citizens Bank: What we Have to Offer You” – 6:30p


11        November Birthday Celebration Day/UJAMAA Day in afternoon Extended


            Day  Stone Soup Thanksgiving Dinner


12        Barnes and Noble Book Fair at   Barnes and Noble Bookstore at Bradley Fair 1920 N. Rock         Road from 9am- 9pm Our students will be performing in the store at 2:30pm


17        3R’s Parenting Class –TBA


21-22   Regan Catechetical Institute - NO SCHOOL


23-25  Thanksgiving Vacation


28        CSAL Basketball Games Begins










The STAR & MAP tests are finished the results are available at Parent-Teacher Conferences





Stone Soup Lunch is November 11


Stone Soup is an old folk story in which hungry strangers manipulate the local people of a town into sharing their food.  We ask all students to bring 1 small can of vegetables and we combine them and I bring the meat and we have a hearty stew for lunch.  A special guest will come and read the story and have have several activities about sharing.





Math it is important that we practice our adding, subtraction, and multiplication facts.  The best way to practice is flash cards. 




Reading please make sure that students are reading at least 20 minutes daily.  There are several sources for books our classroom library, school library and public library.




















An update letter from Lucy

Lucy continues to provide Holy Savior Parish updates about her life. Please check on her updates under the "Documents" section on this page! We are proud to support Lucy! 

"First of all receive much and warm greetings from your BEST friend Lucy and entire family members.” This is the way Lucy began a recent letter sent to us at Holy Savior. To know that she considers herself our BEST friend is humbling. Our sponsorship of Lucy through the organization, Unbound, brings hope and financial stability to Lucy and her family. For those of you who have been praying for Lucy, please note your prayers are working. Each letter we receive states that her performance in school improves. Her test scores and class ranking go up each time we receive a letter.

She has stated she wants to be a teacher. Her favorite subjects are math and English. It is encouraging to know that our spiritual and financial support is making such a difference in her life. She has sent a personal message of thanks for the skating party we had for her last fall which was used for several months of her sponsorship. Besides attending school, she wrote of Christmas and Easter celebrations, her favorite teacher, and the work she does in the fields to help her parents with the harvest.

She sends thanks for the letters she has received especially the one from the 8th graders. If you are interested in sending a letter to Lucy, please bring it to the parish office, and it will be sent to Lucy in Kenya. Your continued spiritual and financial support of Lucy is appreciated. She wants us to know that all of us at Holy Savior are in her daily prayers. God is good!


From Lucy

Help Pantry through Dillon's Plus Card

Holy Savior Catholic Church-God's Food Pantry has been enrolled in Dillons' Community Rewards Program.  You can help the Pantry simply by using your Dillons Plus Card. It costs nothing extra to participate and does not take away from any of the other benefits you currently receive such as Fuel Points.

If you do not have a Dillons Plus Card, you may obtain one at your nearest Dillons store.

In addition to a Dillons Plus Card you must have a valid email address and an online account on Dillons' website, both of which can be anonymous.

To create an online account (if you don't already have one):

Visit www.dillons.com and click on "Register".  You will be required to enter an email address, password, zip code and preferred store.  Click "Create Account".

Next you will be asked to enter your 12 digit Plus Shoppers card number found on the back or 10 digit phone number (Alt ID) you use when shopping; enter your last name and click "Save".

To enroll your Plus Card in Community Rewards:

From Dillons' home page, click on "Community" at the top of the page and then select "Community Rewards".  Sign in using your new or existing online account.  Click on "Enroll Now". Enter Holy Savior Catholic Church-God's Food Pantry or the organization number 49929 and click "Enroll" to save.

Then shop as normal, swiping your Plus card and knowing how very much you are appreciated.

** You will need to re-enroll every January

Holy Savior OneDrive Music Library now available

In order to reduce the amount of paper/ink used, we are starting an online library of music and lyrics the choir sings for Mass. By clicking this link, you will be directed to the Holy Savior OneDrive Music Library where you should see two folders; "Lyrics" and "Sheet Music." This should also help for those who may lose a copy of music, or just to practice between choir rehearsal and Sunday mass. This library will be updated weekly with new music, old music, and music we'll be singing that Sunday.

Holy Savior's sponsorship of Lucy featured in Catholic Advance article

This is an article that appeared in the May 3, 2013 edition of The Catholic Advance about Lucy Kinyua, a young girl that Holy Savior Catholic Church and Academy is sponsoring through the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.

Holy Savior parishioners sponsoring Kenyan girl

Students, parishioners raise money to help educate her through Kansas City charity

WICHITA – Holy Savior Catholic Church and Academy are sponsoring a 10-year-old girl from Kenya named Lucy Kinyua through the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.

Their latest fundraising effort for Lucy, conducted in February, raised $158, enough for five months of sponsorship.  The activities included two “Tag Days” in which students could wear their casual clothes for a dollar.  The first Tag Day was held during Catholic Schools Week when students wore the national colors of Kenya, red, green and black.  The second was on Valentine’s Day.  Along with the Tag Days, money was raised by selling Valentine cookies and cards as well as raffle tickets for a Valentine stuffed animal.

Because of her sponsorship through CFCA, Lucy receives school supplies, shoes, monthly food stipends, community support, hope and the opportunity to continue her education.

CFCA, based in Kansas City, Kan., is a sponsorship organization that brings hope, love and education to over 300,000 children and elderly people in 22 countries.  Holy Savior began sponsoring Lucy in 2011.  Parishioners and students pray, write letters, send cards, and offer monetary support for Lucy.

For more information or to participate in future events for Lucy, visit www.holy-savior.org.

Information and letters from Lucy are posted on the parish website under the Mission Outreach heading found in the Organization tab.

If parishes, teachers, or individuals have interest in sponsoring a child through CFCA, please contact Christine Sementelli at (316) 648-4086 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  To learn more about the organization Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, go to cfcausa.org.

Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ


Sister Helen Prejean has been instrumental in sparking national dialogue on the death penalty and helping to shape the Catholic Church’s newly vigorous opposition to state executions.  She travels around the world giving talks about her ministry.  She considers herself a southern storyteller.

Sister Helen is a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph.  She spent her first years with the Sisters teaching religion to junior high school students.  Realizing that being on the side of poor people is an essential part of the Gospel she moved into the St. Thomas Housing Project in New Orleans and began working at Hope House from 1981 – 1984.

During this time, she was asked to correspond with a death row inmate Patrick Sonnier at Angola.  She agreed and became his spiritual adviser.  After witnessing his execution, she wrote a book about the experience.  The result was Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States.  It became a movie, an opera and a play for high schools and colleges.

Since 1984, Sister Helen has divided her time between educating citizens about the death penalty and counseling individual death row prisoners.  She has accompanied six men to their deaths.  In doing so, she began to suspect that some of those executed were not guilty.  This realization inspired her second book, The Death of Innocents: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Executions, which was released by Random House in December of 2004.

Sr. Helen is presently at work on another book - RIVER OF FIRE: MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.

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