MBP Woodward OK 2012

MBP 2012

St. Peter Catholic Church

Woodward OK

Sept. 27-30, 2012


Students maintain strong friendship with Lucy

The students at Holy Savior Catholic Academy are spreading the joy of the Holy Spirit to a nine year old girl in Meru, Kenya. This joy is evident by the bright shining eyes and slight smile one can see in the newest photo of Lucy Kawira Kinyua. Lucy is a sponsored child through the organization Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA). This past school year students discovered the joy one can experience through the power of prayer, compassion, education, knowledge of another culture, and hope. This learning experience has been incorporated into weekly Spanish classes. Students’ basic question and answer skills have been strengthened through conversation activities regarding Lucy’s life. Praying for Lucy has enlightened the students on the power of prayer. Learning our prayers in Spanish has a lot more meaning when praying for our special friend, Lucy. The understanding that education brings hope to Lucy and her family reinforces the importance of a quality education for HSCA students right here in Wichita.

Lucy knows that she is special due to the many cards and letters we have sent her. Christmas greetings were sent to Lucy in the form of colorfully decorated nativity scenes prepared by students. Signed Easter cards were also sent to Lucy as a reminder that people across the globe celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord just as she does. Birthday cards were signed by parishioners and students at HSCA and sent to Lucy to brighten her special day. Receiving letters from Lucy has been exciting for all of us. Her aunt has written to us on several occasions detailing the events of Lucy’s life and extending many blessings to the children of HSCA and parishioners of Holy Savior Church.

It was exciting to learn first-hand information about the country of Kenya by Mr. Charles Muguchia, the father of Sheridan and Leslie, students at HSCA. He was born and raised in Kenya and came to Kansas about 10 years ago. He informed us about many aspects of Kenya including education, food, weather, animals, geography, and life in general. He also enlightened the children on the importance of learning a second language such as Spanish. While living in Kenya he spoke 6 different languages including Swahili, English, and several tribal languages.

Students prepared creative cards the last few weeks of school. The cards were created with care and contained many prayerful expressions of love. This is evidence that the Holy Spirit is working through HSCA students to bring joy and hope to Lucy Kawira Kinyua of Kenya, Africa.

From Lucy

From Muguchia


During the Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 7, we baptized and fully initiated two children thus welcoming them into the Christian Community of Holy Savior.  In addition to the baptisms, we had one person make a Profession of Faith to the Catholic Church and three other people complete their initiation when the six of them came together for the reception of Confirmation and Holy Eucharist.   We welcome:

-- Alexus Nicole Shaw: Baptized

-- Robert  Anthony Llamas: Baptized

-- Mercy Crelly: Profession of Faith

-- Melanie Danielle Foster: Completion of initiation

-- Anthony Lee Lynch: Completion of initiation

-- Brenda Garcia Velazco: Completion of initiation

 We had three baptisms at the 11 a.m. Mass on Easter Sunday, April 8. Let us welcome:

-- Sheneta Estelle Ross: Baptized

-- Robert Lee Ross: Profession of Faith

And two children were baptized only:

-- Saida Pili Gandy

-- Samira Diane Gandy


Read letters and see pictures from Lucy

Lucy has written several letters and drawn many pictures for the people of Holy Savior Catholic Church.  You can read her letters and see her pictures by clicking on the link below:


Meet Lucy

I am very excited to announce that Holy Savior Catholic Church has “adopted” a little eight year old girl by the name of Lucy Kawira Kinyua from Kenya through the organization Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA). CFCA is a sponsorship organization that brings hope, love, and education to over 300,000 children and elderly people in 22 countries. This sponsorship will enable Lucy to stay in school and give her the opportunity to pursue a career. Without this sponsorship, Lucy would not receive an education or the possibility of becoming something more than a peasant farmer. Education will allow her to follow a career path to being a doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, or whatever she desires. This sponsorship will bring Lucy and her family stability, hope, and the knowledge that our parish is supporting her in so many ways. CFCA will ensure Lucy stays in school, has a proper uniform, school supplies, and nutritious food. The organization also provides tutoring services, career development, and character training. Beyond these necessities, this benevolent organization will also organize birthday and Christmas celebrations and provide useful gifts for Lucy. As a parish, we can pray, write letters, and participate in a fun event to raise the money needed for this sponsorship. The students at Holy Savior Catholic Academy are currently learning about Lucy and praying for her regularly. They will be decorating cards and writing letters to her also.  This sponsorship is our opportunity to help a child in Kenya, Africa break the cycle of poverty and come to know our amazing parish through letters, prayer, and sponsorship. As a parish, we will receive many blessings and an extreme sense of joy getting to know this beautiful child of God.



To provide opportunities and service that will address important issues for personal and community growth on matters of injustices, health, education and charity through resources, activities and community partnerships and/or collaborations.



The Aspects of Social Justice


The Peace and Justice Ministry focuses on social justice through these two aspects:  Social Service and Social Action

Social Service is giving direct aide to those in need such as; feeding the hungry, providing clothing to those in need, visiting the grieving, sick or the imprisoned or even sheltering the homeless.  Another name is Christian Charity.


Social Action is correcting the structure that caused the need. We also call this Social Justice. Through social justice we peacefully look at issues that plague our community such as unemployment, the value of life from the beginning of conception and throughout, discrimination, health care and other issues that are of concern to the community.






To Create and sustain a community garden for the production of food for those hungry in body to provide constructive activities for individuals and families, encourage generational interactions, and a place of beauty for those hungry in spirit.


Our Goals are to:

  • Create Safe Spaces for community interaction and fun across all ages, cultures and incomes;
  • Create Local Sustainable Food Sources for Holy Savior Community, God's Food Pantry and those in need of nourishment.
  • Create a Place Beauty by planting a variety of vegetables/fruits and developing a place to meditate and get spiritually connected to Mother Earth.
  • Engage and Educate individuals and ourselves on Nutrition, Environment, Stewardship, Diversity and Cive Responsibility.
  • Encourage cross-generational mentoring and friendships among youth, adults and a diversity of community members.






To improve health and wellness across the life span.  We will provide information and screening regarding pertinent health issues affecting our community. Provide non-biased support and counseling to our community regarding medicare enrollment and prescription drug plan options to benefit our senior population.  To provide opportunities for health promotion in our senior population.  To continue our faith journey through reading and or discussion groups.


Horace Little Council 244

Grand Knight, Andrew Bias





St Francis of Assisi Court 244

Grand Ila Forman

How You Can Help

You can help God's Food Pantry in several ways:

1) Donate food directly to God's Food Pantry; examples of food items are:

           Cereal or pop-tarts

           Canned goods

           1 lb pkg of rice, beans or pasta (any bulk items such as 50 pounds of rice are taken to the Lord's Diner) 

           Peanut butter

           Boxed macaroni and cheese


2) Organize a one-time or on-going food drive at your parish, school, work or organization

3) Make a tax-deductible monetary donation to God's Food Pantry and send to 1209 N. Indiana Street, Wichita, KS 67214 or Holy Savior Parish.

This is a year-round ministry that depends on year-round support.

Thank you and God Bless you!

Holy Savior Catholic Church and Academy
1425 N. Chautauqua
Wichita, KS 67214


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