We know that relationships are important. For this reason we like to build a rapport between parents and teachers in order to foster a loving cohesive environment for our children. This is our 3rd parent teacher trip and our 2nd visit to Abilene. We enjoyed Family Feud and Bingo on the Bus to Abilene and then a very delicious meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, rolls, and ice cream for desert. What a wonderful time of fun and fellowship while learning about or Kansas history. If you were unable to attend, we sure missed you! Please join us next year where we may revisit Grace Hill Winery. A special thanks to Mr and Mrs Shaw and the PTSO team!!!


Ellie the elephant visits Holy Savior catholic Academy as a BMPH incentive for grades

Pre-k - 4th!!!!



Ellie is a life-size, charismatic, empathy-building animatronic (walking and talking!) elephant that traveled through Wichita this month. She came Holy Savior Catholic Academy November 29, 2017 to chat with our elementary students about how they can help animals suffering in captivity at places like circuses and marine parks. Ellie has already spoken to more than 25,000 students in the past year about how to be kinder to all!


Here is the link for Support for Catholic Schools


Please share it with anyone that wish to learn more about this tax credit opportunity.

August 16, 2017     

Dear Parents,

Welcome to an exciting year at Holy Savior Catholic Academy; Wichita’s best kept secret. We are growing and expanding our hearts and our minds for service of our brother’s and sister’s in the Kingdom of God. We are proud that we have some exciting news for you. We are almost at our goal for the Capital Campaign. We presently have 161 students. We have two new instructional coaches, Debbie Thompson and DeAnn Heersche, joining us to help our children reach their 1.3 years growth model.  We have Career Cruising for 6-8th grade to help students identify areas of strength and interest in order to better prepare for the future. We have Chrome books in all grades 2nd through 8th and Kunos in pre-k through 1st .  We have KidzLit, a reading program provided by the Boys and Girls Club in Ubuntu Village School after school for students in K - 3rd grade.(See next article below.) Finally, we have an exciting MTSS strategy called Phonics Power Hour (PPH).

PPH is similar to BMPH (Bernie’s Math Power Hour), our math basic skills class on Tuesdays, in that it will reinforce basic reading concepts to increase automaticity in reading which improved reading comprehension. This program is for grades 1-5 and will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30-9:30 a.m.  Each student will work at their individual level during that hour. This will ensure instruction is differentiated for every student, each nine weeks we will reassess students and adjust level according to their growth with the ultimate goal of reaching 1.3 years growth in reading.

Please remember that you have a parenting class that you are required to take each quarter and we hope that you would volunteer in the school, too. Please remember all volunteers must be VIRTUS trained. Additionally, we are having a Parent-Teacher trip this year. If you remember how much fun we had at Grace Hill Winery and Abilene, you will be happy to know that we will be returning to Abilene, Kansas for a historic train ride while enjoying the world famous Brookfield Inn fried chicken on October 14, 2017.

Finally, all correspondence will be transmitted electronically or by School Messenger. Please log onto the website regularly for updates and make sure we have all current contact information. Back to School Night is August 24, 2017 beginning at 6 pm in the church gym with our Annual Parent Teacher Potluck Dinner.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Sincerely in the Joy of Gospel,


Dr. Delia Shropshire

Parents of Holy Savior Students, Grades K-3rd,

This coming school year Holy Savior will be offering a Literacy Program through the Boys and Girls Club of South Central Kansas during the after school program. The KidzLit Literacy Program focuses on a new picture book every week covering a range of themes such as multiculturalism, self-esteem building, family relationships, legends and myths, and treating others with kindness. Each week, our KidzLit facilitator, Lauren Rust, will be reading a book aloud before leading the kids in a variety of implicit literacy learning activities, including: art projects, role-play, group and individual writing projects, and games. Because KidzLit focuses on instilling a love of reading and literacy in children, this program will provide age appropriate lessons for every grade level.  Be sure to look out for art projects and writing pieces coming home with your child. The KidzLit classes will be held during the after school program in Ms. Rodriguez’s and Ms. Noonan’s classrooms. We are so excited about thisn partnership between Holy Savior and the Boys and Girls Club, and we hope that your child find enjoyment and enrichment in the KidzLit program. 


Grace Katzmar                                                             
Literacy Program Director Boys and Girls Club of         
South Central Kansas


Delia Shropshire, PhD




The Parent News series will cover the following topics:

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