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March-April Newsletter


Welcome to Holy Savior Catholic Academy Middle School – Vol. 1 – March 15, 2017


 Science – Mr. Isanda

8th Grade:  In this semester we are now working on Forces and Energy. This unit expounds on the concepts of motion, forces, work and machines, energy, thermal energy and heat, Electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism. I can say that we are already halfway through the unity.

The previous unit we were working on was water and the atmosphere. The students were able to study various aspects of Weather and Climate. Areas covered included fresh water, the oceans, the atmosphere, weather, climate and climate change.

8th grade students are workingon their project which is on Storms that impact North America. They are supposed to use either a power point or a display board. They should identify the main storms i.e. winter storms, thunderstorms,tropical storms and tornadoes. Explain formation, wind speeds, wherethey occur, dangers and effects on the environmentand how to stay safe.

7th Grade: Seventh graders are now working on The Earth’s Surface. Key areas in this unit include mapping Earth’s surface, weathering and soil, erosion and deposition and a trip through geological time.

The previous unit 7th grade covered was Human Body Systems; in this unit the students learned about the human body i.e. bones, muscles, skin, digestion, circulation, respiration, excretion, fighting diseases, the nervous and endocrine system.

7th grade project is on the Solarsystem. The students should identify the planets and the sun and come up with a model of the solar system; explain the main characteristics of each planet and the sun i.e. size, distances and position, physical features, number of moons, rotation and revolution. Students should support their presentation with clear picturesof each planet and the sun.                              

 6th Grade:  Presently we are tackling Astronomy and Space Science. Major areas of emphasis include earth, moon and sun, exploring space, the solar system, stars galaxies and universe. Previously 6th grade spend time learning about Ecology and The Environment. The unit covered population and communities, Ecosystems and Biomes, Resources and Living Things, Land Air and water Resources and Energy Resources.

Currently the students are working on their project. With the use of power point or display board; the learners should identify a favorite animal; identify the animal’s characteristics including habitat, feeding, migratory and breeding habits, behaviors and association.


Math – Mrs. Phillips

8th GradeCurrently we are working on two-variable equations that include slope, writing linear equations, and solving equations by graphing on a coordinate plane.

This will lead us into functions that include graphing functions, linear and non-linear functions, and quadratic functions that will help the students get ready for geometric figures in April. 

April will be a big month withState Assessments and MAP Testing soon to follow.  The 8th grade will be very busy the next several months and with lots to look forward too.                                               


All of the Math classes have been working on Prodigy.  It is a great game for students to play that helps them advance in Math.  Ask your student about Prodigy, most of them are pretty excited about it!  This is something all of them can do at home!

7th grade:  In the 7th grade class we have started using stations every day.  The class is currently split into 2 groups.  While one group is with me during instruction, the other group is on the computers on Prodigy, Successmaker, or Math Facts in our Renaissance Program.  The students will have direct instruction for 20 minutes and then will move onto their homework station.  If the students do not get their work completed in the homework station, this will then go home to be completed and due the next day.  Please make sure your students get their homework completed! 


Currently the 7th grade is working on percents which include figuring sales tax, tips, markups, discounts, simple interest, and compound interest.  They will then move into sequences, properties of operation, and algebraic expressions. 

6th Grade:  In the 6th grade class we have also started using stations every day.  The class is currently split into 3 groups.  While one group is with me during instruction, one group is on the computers on Prodigy, Successmaker, or Math Facts in our Renaissance Program, and another is at the homework station.  The students will have direct instruction for 20 minutes and then will move onto their homework station.  If the students do not get their work completed in the homework station, this will then go home to be completed and due the next day.  Please make sure your students get their homework completed! 

Currently the 6th grade is working on ratios and rates, and will be moving on to decimals and percentages.

April will be a big month for all three classes with State Assessments and MAP Testing to follow!


ELA – Mr. Brice



Greetings Parents:

This third quarter has the Middle School Language Arts students traveling wearily down three major paths: Narrative Text, Basic Grammar, and Essay Composition.

The Narrative Text Unit seeks to familiarize students with the major components of narrative text: Plot, Character, Theme, and Setting. Additionally, a second unit, figurative language, is attached to Narrative Text. The primary goal of these units is to teach students not only how narrative texts are constructed, whether they be written, film, or music, but also how to actually construct their own sophisticated narrative text.

Another emphasis, as we move towards year end, is Basic Grammar. This is a very difficult unit that attempts to teach students what for them is essentially a new language: formal English grammar. The four basic Simple Sentence Patterns (S-AV, S-AV-DO, S-AV-IO-DO, and S-LV-SC), as well as compound sentences, are emphasized in this unit. If you really want to help your student with this challenging area of language arts, you should go to Amazon.com and order a used copy of the book English 3200.

Finally, we are placing a major emphasis on Essay Composition, particularly expository and persuasive essays. Students need to complete both by the end of April. These essays give students an opportunity to apply the grammar and textual analysis concepts they have been learning throughout the year.


                                                                                    Warren Brice,

                                                                                    Middle School Language Arts,

                                                                                    Holy Savior Catholic Academy



Social Science – Mr. Turner

8th GradeThe 8th grade is studying the American Revolution and why there was a revolution.

7th grade:  The 7th grade is currently studying our great state of Kansas after World War 1 in 1920.

6th Grade:  The 6th grade is involved with the study of the Mediterranean Empires which starts with Ancient Greece!

Upcoming Events:


17th – NO SCHOOL – Parent/Teacher Conferences

20th-24th – NO SCHOOL – Spring Break


3rd-7th – State Assessments

8th – CSAL Track Meet


12th – LATE START – School begins at 9:00 am


14th – NO SCHOOL – Good Friday

17th – NO SCHOOL – Easter Monday

21st – Quarter 4 Progress Reports Sent Home

22nd – CSAL Track Meet

26th – LATE START – School begins at 9:00am


29th – CSAL Track Meet


Class of 2015 Inaugurated with Blazers!

Our annual 8th grade inauguration took place October 24.  Per tradition, the students received their blazers signifying their place as leaders in the school.

Anti-Bullying Rally 2014

"Do the Right Thing, Because it is the Right Thing to Do"

Holy Savior students spent the month of October discussing the issues of bullying, cyber-bullying and how to respond when they witness bullying.  Through daily announcements, classroom lessons and a play performed by the Student Council, students have developed a greater awareness of this pressing issue.

The Student Council skit centered around a boy named "Brad" who wanted to play a game of basketball, but only with students were like him.  Physically disabled students were excluded as were those who did not dress or think like he did.  The lesson Brad learned was that everyone is unique and deserves respect.  The main message from the skit: Kindness is Important!

SOLAR Angels

Student Opportunity for Learning Acceleration and Research.


Students who are identified as academically talented for each Fall Semester by using the Spring MAP scores and/or achieving Exceeds/Exemplary on the state assessments, will be eligible to be a part of the Holy Savior Catholic Academy SOLAR Angels. Students will be assigned enrichment times during the school day with either a volunteer or the Intensive Coaching Initiative (ICI) coach.

During this time students will use Ecademy – Zeos, Success Maker, Write to learn, and GradPoint; Study Island, and/or Accelerated Math and Reading. Students will also used project based learning by completing an independent research project in the identified subject area.

SOLAR Angels 2013: Back Row (L to R) Devin Howell (8th), Fr. Jim Billinger, Qualyn Reed (8th). Middle Row (L to R) Sheridan Mwangi (6th), Dr. Shropshire (Principal), Lovette Mba (6th), Chariah Daniels (6th), Jada Mayberry (7th),Haley Dougherty (7th), Chris Morgan (7th), Nevaeh Sanchez (7th), Kyree Straughter (8th), Front Row (L to R) Tirah Daniels (5th) Briquin Hadley (4th), Thomas Noonan (4th), Robbie Ross (4th), Duron Smith (4th), David Smith (5th), Aaliyah Muthoni (5th), Lori Kelly (5th) Not Pictured Michael Glover and Shakira Logwood

Ice Bucket Challenge

Holy Savior teachers have presented the students with a challenge to raise money for technology improvements.  The teacher who has raised the most money by Back to School Night on August 28, will have a bucket of ice water dumped on their head.  Teachers have collection buckets in their classrooms.  Help us raise needed money and have a great time in the process.  Fliers with the below information were sent home.

Holy Savior Catholic Academy

Ice-Bucket Challenge!

Look for specially marked containers in classrooms.  Bring donations to be placed in individual teachers’ containers.


The teacher, who raises the most money by Back to School Night, August 28, will take the plunge following the gathering at the church.


Who do you want to see get wet???




Proceeds go towards HSCA Technology

Catholic Schools Week 2014



Catholic School Week 2014 (Nerd Day)
Catholic School Week 2014 (80's Day)
Catholic School Week 2014 (Twin Day)

Donate Now!

We developed an Industrial Arts and Engineering program to teach our students about basic woodworking, design and building skills.  We teach them how to read tape measures, plan and build simple wood projects (e.g. bird houses) using hand and power tools (hammers, table saw, drill, etc.).  These skills are then transferred to more advanced projects such as the design and building of perpetual motion machines, universal cell phone chargers and more.  These opportunities provide our students a greater chance for success in the 21st century.

As a mission school, our funding comes mostly from private donations and gifts in kind.  Our students only pay one-third of the actual tuition cost.  We require additional funding for tools and building supplies.

In an effort to generate funds for the course, a special website has been established.  Simply go to www.adoptaclassroom.org search Michael Meyer's Classroom and/or Holy Savior Catholic Academy and follow the links to donate.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Mr. Isanda

Mr. Isanda
8th Grade/ Sci.&Soc. Sci./Team Leader


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