4th Grade News

February 04, 2016


February Newsletter 2016


Dear Parents,

            Language Arts- Our fourth graders are working very hard to increase their reading and writing skills. Your student is rapidly learning to read and use new words. They are transitioning from mainly reading words they already know to including words they are learning. Many times a day I say, “The dictionary is your friend”. As with any friend they should want to keep in touch and value that association.

Religion is an important part of our lives. I am very impressed with the knowledge and reverence our students have demonstrated. Parents, you are doing a great job!

You will receive more information about the upcoming assessments that your students will be taking. Your students will be better prepared as they continue to learn more about reading information carefully, listening to and following directions.

Even though I am scheduled to teach in the morning, I am often at school at school Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:40- 5:15 pm.


The fourth graders are doing an exceptional job meeting the math standards. I am using differential instruction, peer tutoring, whole group, to ensure the success of our student.

Your child will continue to practice multiplying two digits, three digit facts, simplifying fractions, adding fractions, and multiply mixed fractions, required mastery for more complex math calculations.

Social Studies-

Your child will be assessed over Kansas History and Government.  They are learning how both Kansas history and Kansas government affect our lives today. Current events are discussed, as they show interest in topics throughout our classroom readings.  Map skills are practiced as they study various countries or continents.


During the third quarter students will demonstrate an understanding of energy, ways to conserve energy, and how to transfer energy. 

Upcoming Dates

Feb. 4th. Religion Bowl- Resurrection

Feb. 11th. Third Quarter Progress Reports Sent Home Birthday Celebration Day/UJMAA Day

Feb. 12th. No School-Teacher In-Service

Feb. 15th. No School-President’s Day

Feb. 16th. Diocesan Spelling Bee- Location TBD

Feb. 17th. Muffins for Moms-HSCA Library

Feb. 18th. Scholar’s Bowl-Location TBD

Feb. 23rd. Black History Month Program-Church-7pm (students to arrive at church at 6:30 pm in Sunday best attire)

Feb. 24. Late Start-Staff Meeting- No AM Extended Day/breakfast will not be served

          The upcoming seasons of Lent/Easter reminds us of our patron Saints Perpetua and Felicitas. These two brave young mothers were arrested for professing Christianity and refusing to make sacrifices to the Roman gods. They both remained faithful to the love of God.

In His Name,


Mrs. Clark and Ms. Lee

4th Grade News


Fourth Grade Newsletter


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Again, we are excited, and so very happy that your child is here at Holy Savior Catholic Academy child this year. We are looking forward to many educational, fun and rewarding experiences that we will encounter and strive toward together.

As you know, MS. Lee will be teaching in the afternoon math, science, and social studies. Ms. Lee has many years of experience as a classroom teacher, and differential instruction.

Mrs. Clark will teach reading, English, writing, religion and spelling. I am a career educator. I have taught first through sixth grade.

In order to promote academic success and a good classroom-learning environment, this year we will continue to implement BIST classroom rules; 1). It is never okay to interfere with learning 2). It is never okay to be hurtful to anyone. (BIST rules are within your child’s daily agenda notebook. Your child will be bringing their notebook home daily, with teacher comments and or reminders of upcoming dates. Parents please initial and have your child return it daily. We want you to always be aware of your child’s progress.

Important date’s upcoming dates:

No School –Sept.7th. Hope you had a safe and pleasant holiday.

Late Start- Sept. 9th- No A.M. Extended Day/ Breakfast will not be served

Birthday Celebration Day- Sept. 11th.

Goodies for Grandparents- Sept. 16th – HSCA Library

Pastries for Parishioners- Sept. 20th. Immediately following 11:00 A.M. Mass

No School- Sept. 21st. - Teacher Convention

Late Start- Sept. 23- Staff Meeting- No A.M. Extended Day/Breakfast will not be served

Eight Grade Inauguration Mass- Church-7:45 A.M. (Eight Graders to come to Mass in full winter uniform)

Instructional Corner

Language Arts: We have been working on writing skills. Students have been asked to use complete sentences that begin with capital letters and end with periods. We have stressed dictionary/spelling skills and penmanship.

Reading:. The instruction has been centered on reading for specific information and answering questions about the content.

Math: Your child has been reviewing math concepts in addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Science: Please have your child discuss what they are learning during Science, yes, the ECOSYSTEM. Questions you might ask are how do changes take place in the ecosystems? Have them explain how species compete for resources, and what is a parasite?

Social Studies: They are learning through discussion how Social Studies affect all of us.  They are developing a Social Studies notebook i.e. defining vocabulary words for map usage, and journaling important facts.

Friendly Reminder’s

Morning Drop Off: Parents will drop your child off at the front south doors by the office. They need to walk to the classroom. Class begins at 745 a.m. If your child arrives before 7:40 a.m., he /she need to go to extended day in the large portable. Students will be dismissed to their classroom from there. Every Friday, school begins at Holy Savior Catholic Church at 7:45 a.m. I will meet your child in the church.

Afternoon Dismissal: At 3:30 p.m. I will dismiss your child from our classroom. The Intermediate Teachers will escort the 3th, 4th and 5th grade students outside to the front of the school and their parents will pick them up outside. If someone other than a parent will be picking up your child, you must contact the office and they will let me know. If another parent will be picking up your child, you need to let the office know first and they will contact me. Any students that are not picked up by 3:40 p.m. will be sent to Extended Day. If you must pick up your child before 3:30 p.m., you will need to sign them out at the office and Ms. Santiago will call my room to send your child to the office.

Breakfast/Lunch: The school offers a breakfast and hot lunch program. Your child (or the youngest sibling) will bring a menu home at the end of each month for the next month. If you have purchased hot lunches, but your child does not care for the lunch that day, please send a sack lunch with him/her so they will have a lunch. We only charge for a breakfast or hot lunch if they eat that day. Please do not send fast food, food that needs heated, pop or candy with your child. Students cannot have pop or candy in their lunches as per the State Health and Wellness Program. All breakfast and lunches will be ordered one day in advance. Make sure your child knows what they are eating the next day so they can let Mrs. Clark know, as she turns in the lunch count to the office in the a.m.

Homework: Your child will have a weekly spelling list, and Math Power Hour Packet. Homework packets will be assigned as needed.

Calling in Sick/Tardy: If your child is going to be tardy or absent, while calling in to excuse their tardy or absence, you must order breakfast and lunch for the following day. If your child arrives after 7:45 a.m. they must stop at the office to receive a late slip. They will be asked to go back to the office to get one, which will take away from their instruction time.

Tardy Policy: We count tardies from Thursday to Wednesday. Any student from Pre K3-8th grade that is tardy three times within the above time frame will have detention at 7:00 a.m. on the Thursday of that week. If a student misses Mass on Friday, that counts as two tardies.

Notice: August 2015: Per Federal Directive: Due to the age of our building, our building has asbestos. However, it is contained and under a care management plan. Holy Savior Catholic Academy is inspected by META, Inc. every year. Our management plan is available for review.

Library: Our library day is Tuesday at 3:40, the first and third Tuesday of each month. Library books need to be returned by the next Tuesday to insure them for the next library day.

Birthday Parties: We will be celebrating all birthday on one day during each month. In staying with the State Health and Wellness Program, healthy snacks will be consumed at each month’s birthday celebration. Healthy Snacks that I would like you to choose from are: fruit snacks, chewy granola bars, string cheese, graham cracker bears, animal’s crackers, carrot sticks, pretzel or popcorn. Currently we have ten students enrolled in fourth grade.

We have very high expectations for this academic school year, and we are devoted to helping your child succeed!

Be Blessed,

Mrs. Clark

Ms. Lee




Mrs. Clark

Mrs. Clark
4th Grade



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