The Music Ministry participants seek to use their love for God and the desire for unity to uplift and inspire fellow parishioners to a deeper sense of God's presence in the Eucharist and in one another, by providing music for the sacred liturgies.

At Holy Savior Catholic Church, we have the philosophy that music is an active method of worshipping God, and as such, all those who want to join us are welcome. The members of our music ministry are for the most part volunteers from every walk of life. Our skills and experience vary, yet all are encouraged to participate and be actively involved. We strongly believe in Jesus' directive of non-discrimination and we follow Him in an all-encompassing ministry that embraces the young and the old, the lame and the healthy and the rich and the poor! Together we offer praise to the God that has given us life and that sustains us day by day and we hope our music is accepted as a sweet savor unto the Lord. We use all music that aims to honor and glorify God. From traditional hymns to praise music, from classical to gospel and beyond, our repertoire is rich with a variety of genres. We are always open to learning new ways of using the gifts we have received.

In order to reduce the amount of paper/ink used, we are starting an online library of music and lyrics the choir sings for Mass. By clicking this link, you will be directed to the Holy Savior OneDrive Music Library where you should see two folders; "Lyrics" and "Sheet Music." This should also help for those who may lose a copy of music, or just to practice between choir rehearsal and Sunday mass. This library will be updated weekly with new music, old music, and music we'll be singing that Sunday.

MBP 2012

St. Peter Catholic Church

Woodward OK

Sept. 27-30, 2012




Fr. James Billinger, Pastor  

8:00 A.M. Mass
Men’s Ensemble
Mr. Joe Ruocco, Musician 

11:00 A.M. Mass
Gospel Choir
Mr. Paul Bland, Musician  

5:00 P.M. Mass
(2nd Sunday)

Gospel Choir
(3rd Sunday)

Men's Ensemble
(4th Sunday)


Rehearsal Times:

Men's Choir:
Tues. 6:30pm  

Gospel Choir: 
Thurs. 6:30pm

Holy Savior Catholic Church Choir Rehersal Room