Every year the Principals of the Diocese are highly encourage to participate in a two-day retreat with their colleagues from the diocese. This year on Oct 12 -13, 2017 the retreat was lead by the IHM's and we learned and prayed about the Immaculate Heart of Mary and how the Blessed Mother leads us to her Son, Jesus. It was a wonderful time and as a result,  the staff and I will embark on a 33 retreat beginning November 5 called "33 days to Morning Glory". I also believe that the middle school will be joining us in this retreat and I am encouraging my family at home to do so, as well. If any parents are interested in joining us in this retreat, please let me know so that I can order a book for you. You can join us in prayer from wherever you are for 33 days.

On the Thursday night of the retreat, the Associate superintendent, assistant superintendent, three other principals, and yours truly engaged in a wonderful team building exercise call Escapology at the Alley. It is a problem-solving team building experience where you are given a mystery to solve and locked in a room for 60 minutes. You must solve the problem before the time expires. Our team completed the tasks and were out of the room in 30 minutes!!! Way to go team!!! It was a blast!! This activity is great for teachers, students, and families. Maybe PTSO can help us plan an activity like this for our school.