5th Grade August and September News letter

 Ms. Lee and Mrs. McPherson’s Class 2018-2019


  • Q1 Progress reports will be sent home on September 21.
  • Reading, Spelling/Language Arts Homework is due on Monday.
  • Students should study their Math Facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 15 minutes nightly.)
  • 5th Grade students will have a Spelling and Religion Test Every Friday.
  • Robotics practice will be on Saturday during UVS Saturday school.  Open Enrollment for Robotics has started.
  • 5th Grade Students Daily Assignment: Read 30 minutes each night. 
  • Every Wednesday is HSCA Late Start.  However, every Wednesday is not a dress down day.  A note will be sent home when it is appropriate to dress down.  The donation for dress down day is $2.00.  September Late Start days: 9/19/18 and 9/26/19
  • October Birthday Celebration Day is October 12.
  • Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to Catechetical Sunday Mass and Goodies for Grandparents at Holy Savior Church on September 16, 2018.
  • The 1st week of school we reviewed the following Procedures.

5th Grade Classroom Procedure, Ms. Lee and Mrs. McPherson's Class

  • Review and Practice Procedures for the 1st week of school.

·         Review Procedures every day for the 1st week after long every break.

The students will practice each procedure step by step with the teacher’s supervision. 

The students will repeat each procedure until it becomes automatic.

Behavioral Intervention Support Team (BIST).

At HSCA the bottom line is it’s

Never okay to interfere with learning and it’s never okay to be hurtful.

(Interfering with learning means you are disruptive or being hurtful)


The expectations are:

  • It’s always okay to do your best and ask for help.
  • It’s always okay to be kind and helpful


With these two beliefs ingrained is the SAFE SEAT is an early non-punitive intervention.


What a SAFE SEAT does is:

1.      Get the acting out to stop.

2.      Gives time for the student to calm down and manage his/her feelings.

3.      Helps the student take responsibility for what he/she did.

4.      Come up with a plan to manage the behavior in the future.


In the BIST program there are placement options:

1.      Classroom Seat

2.      Safe Seat – Think Sheet

3.      Buddy Room – Think Sheet

4.      Principal’s OfficeThink Sheet


HSCA Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) allows caring adults to confront disruptive behavior with grace and accountability. Our common goal is to provide every student with a safe and productive learning environment.


·         Early Intervention (When)

  • It’s never okay to interfere with learning.
  • It’s never okay to be hurtful.

A student will be asked one time per activity to stop a behavior that is disruptive or hurtful. Adults will intervene in a quick, kind, calm and firm manner if a student cannot meet this expectation.

  • Teacher Caring Confrontation (How)
  • “I see… (Disruptive behavior).”
  • “Can you… (Desired behavior).”
  • “Even though… (Student’s feeling).”       

Caring Confrontation is a language of partnership when intervening with a student’s disruptive or hurtful behavior. The intent of Caring Confrontation is to create awareness for the student, provide an opportunity to meet the standard, and partner with the adult. 

·         BIST Plan (What)

A BIST plan provides an opportunity for the adult and student to identify the missing skill, develop a partnership towards change. Teaching replacement skills and practicing the Goals for Life helps students manage their behavior toward life change.

·         Teachers must Outlasting the Acting Out

This includes maintaining a relationship, guiding the student to identify their level in the Continuum of Change (Noncompliance, Compliance, Partnership, Independence), and maintaining restrictions until the student is able to partner with and be coached by the adults.


Safe Seat: A seat in the classroom away from other students to help the student regroup, process with the adult, and join the class.

Buddy Room: A seat in another teacher’s classroom to help a student regroup, complete a think sheet, and process with the adult so they may return to the classroom safe seat.

(Recovery Room:  A place in the school where students can go to practice replacement skills, stop acting out, calm down, prepare an apology, and create a plan to make better choices for themselves...Not Available at this time)

Think Sheet: A tool that the student completes to help him/her take ownership of the problem, partner with adults, and create a plan to be successful.

Processing: Questions the adult asks the student so he/she may take ownership, practice skills, and create a plan to make better choices.

BIST PLAN/ Target Behavior Sheet: A daily visual of goals the student is working on to help him/her problem solve.

Classroom Triage: Daily “check in” with an adult to practice replacement skills, assess emotions, establish focus about what it means to have a successful day, and formulate solutions if problems occur.

Class Meeting: Weekly meetings facilitated by the Teacher to help students solve problems, plan events and maintain a positive classroom community.

Goals for Life: Goals that we help students obtain so that they may have the life they want and deserve. Goals for Life are based on the following beliefs:

·         I can make good choices even if I am mad.

·         I can be okay even if others are not okay.

·         I can do something even if I don’t want to (or even if it’s hard).


Procedure for Entering our class.

  1. 1st Enter the room quickly and quietly… Add any assignment on the board to your agenda.  Begin the work on your desk.
  2. Procedure for entering our classroom (before School Jobs)
  3. Say “Good Morning” to the teacher
  4. Remove any non uniform jacket (hang up your jacket/coat)
  5. Turn in your homework in the Homework Box
  6. Go directly to your seat
  7. Sit down do not get out of your seat without permission.
  8. Prepare for your school day


Procedure to Begin Morning Activities

Get out your pencils

  • Write Assignments in Agenda
  • Do your Morning work  (The assignment on the board and/or the work on your desk)
  • Review Religion Study Guide
  • Review Language Arts Vocabulary
  • Review Measurement – American and Metric
  • Review Spelling List
  • Review Math Facts

Procedure for Responding to a Question (when the teacher has called on the student.)

1st The student will stand beside their desk.  2nd The student will answer the question. 3rd The student will sit down quietly.


Procedure when visitors are in the classroom.

  1. When visitors enter the teacher will say: Attention Class
  2. The class will stand and welcome the guest by saying: “May the peace of Christ be with you.”
  3. After the greeting the students will sit down quietly and resume their work


Procedure for a Fire Drill

1.      Line up Quickly and Quietly

2.      Follow the Teacher

3.      Keep, Hand, Feet and Objects to Yourself

4.      Walk in a straight Quiet Line outside

5.      Stay in Line, be Quiet the entire time

6.      Follow your teacher back into classroom


Procedure for students seeking help from the teacher …

1st Raise your hand without talking.  Ask your question when the teacher calls on you.

Procedure for Teacher Quieting the Class

Hands up Mouth Closed 1 Time; 2 Times; 3 Times (You should not have to go past 3 times.  Stop and Practice if this happens.

Procedure for the movement of paper

1st Pass the papers across the row to the right side of you and place the papers on the last desk to the right of yours. The teacher will pick up the papers from the stack on the desk.

Give me FIVE:

  1. Eyes on the speaker 2. Quiet 3. Be Still 4. Hands free (put things down) 5. Listen and do not speak to anyone.
  2. Freeze

(Freeze.  2 Turn and face me; pay attention and keep your eyes on me.  Quietly, be ready for instructions.  I will have something to say.)


Procedure for Class getting in Line to Exit the Room and/or go to Specials

1.      Line up Quickly and Quietly

2.      Facing Forward

3.      Stand on both Feet

4.      Stand directly behind the person in front of you

5.      Follow the Teacher

6.      Keep, Hand, Feet and Object to Yourself

7.      Walk in a straight Quiet Line


Procedure for Class going to the Lunch Room

·        Line up in ABC order

·        Facing Forward

·        Stand on both Feet

·        Stand directly behind the person in front of you

·        Quickly and Quietly

·        The class will say the Grace before Meals

·        Follow the Teacher to the Cafeteria

·        Keep, Hand, Feet and Object to Yourself

·        Walk in a straight Quiet Line


Procedure for Class going to Recess

1.      Line up in ABC order

2.      Quickly and Quietly

3.      Facing Forward

4.      Stand on both Feet

5.      Stand directly behind the person in front of you

6.      Follow the Teacher

7.      Keep, Hand, Feet and Object to Yourself

8.      Walk in a straight Quiet Line

9.      Stay in Line until you are dismissed by the teacher.

10.  Play with your class only in the area directed by the teacher.

11.  The Equipment manager will pass out the equipment.  You must bring in the equipment you took out.


Procedure for Class going Home

1.      Line up in ABC order when the teacher gives you permission

2.      UVS students go to Ms. Abair room and lineup she will take you to UVS

3.      Go Quickly and Quietly Outside

4.      Facing Forward

5.      Stand on both Feet

6.      Stand directly behind the person in front of you

7.      Follow the Teacher

8.      Keep, Hand, Feet and Object to Yourself

9.      Walk in a straight Quiet Line

10.   Stay in Line until you are dismissed by the teacher.

1.      Stay only in the area directed by the teacher.


Procedure for Taking Cornell Notes

·        Power Point presentation



Procedure when the Phone Rings

1.      Remain Quiet

2.      Continue to Work


Procedure for Heading Your Papers

1.     Your Name, Subject, Date, Page Numbers.


What You Do When you finish All your Work

Work on your homework

Work on your BMPH

Read a book

Organize your folders

Study your multiplication facts

Review Equivalent Fractions

Review measurement Standard and Metric

Review Division Facts

Make a word find puzzle

Study and/or Write your spelling words 3 times

Create a picture

Review your Cornell Notes




September and October News Letter,

Mrs. McPerson’s 5th Grade Class

Prayer for Our New School

Almighty God, because we love our students because our hearts yearn for our new school, we cannot remain silent. We will not stop praying until their righteousness shines like the dawn, and oursalvation blazes like a burning torch. May we be called the Holy People and the People Redeemed by the Lord.  May Holy Savior Catholic Academy be known as the Desirable Place.  We cannot do this on our own Father, so I ask for Your help in the name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Mark the Date:

September 20: Goodies for Grandparents- 7:15 a.m. – HSCA Library.

September 22: 1st Quarter Progress Reports sent home.

September 27: Late Start

October 7: Red and Black Banquet @ the Wichita Marriott Hotel.

October 13: October Birthday Celebration.

October 31: No School – Parent Teacher Conferences, 8am-4pm.

  • Daily Student Reading Homework Assignment: Students must Read 30 minutes every night. Students may read out loud to someone in your family or a stuffed toy for part of your 30 minutes reading each night.
  • Homework is due signed by a parent every Monday.
  • Prayer/ Religion Test every Monday.
  • BMPH packet is due signed by an adult every Tuesday.
  • Spelling Test every Friday.
  • HSCA request that you please send headphones to school with your student.  Holy Savior Catholic Academy (HSCA) has been blessed!  Our Faculty’s exemplary Grant Writing and Fund Raising efforts have enabled our school to provide one on one technology to HSCA students.  Our software is individualized, animated and the sound carries around the room. Each student needs their own headphones.


“From everyone, to whom much has been given, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.” Luke 12:48