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                  January 2019 Newsletter


Image result for winter clipartEnglish Language Arts- We have nine letters left to learn.  We will be working on sounding out three letter words (CVC) and spelling them with the letters we have learned thus far. We will continue to work on rhyming words, count and segment syllables, words are separated by spaces and learn when to use a period, question mark and exclamation mark. We also practice writing capital and lowercase letters. Don’t forget to practice your child’s sight word list that they are learning.  Our literature this month will be about winter, hibernation, forces and energy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and religion stories.

Image result for winter clipartMathematics- We will continue to work on remembering that we have five fingers on one hand without always having to count our fingers (counting from a given number other than 1= counting on).  We are also working on: counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s, tens and ones place value, tally marks, ten frames and finding out how many more to make 10, decompose numbers from 11-19 (10+1=11, 17=10+7), represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, acting out situations, verbal explanations (number talks) or equations and subitizing (know the number of objects without counting them. Example: dominoes and dice). We also practice writing numbers from 0 through 20.

Image result for winter clipartReligion- We are still in the Liturgical season of Christmas for a few more days and then we will be in Ordinary time until Lent! We will be learning about the Holy Family and Baptism (please discuss with your child if they have been baptized).  We will review what prayer is, every choice has a consequence, grace is God’s life within us, the Holy Trinity, God is the author of the Bible and the story of Jesus’s birth. We have been learning some informational facts about the Bible. How many main parts in the Bible? (2)  What are they? (The Old and the New Testaments) What is the first book in the Bible? What is the first story in Genesis? How many books are in the Catholic Bible? (73) Who are the four Gospel writers? (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)

Image result for winter clipartInformation From Mrs. Rodriguez

1.  Winter Uniform- Short sleeve polo shirts, skorts and colored socks are not part of our winter uniform. Ladies please wear a pair of shorts under your jumper, belts need to be worn if there are belt loops and boys don’t forget your tie!


2. We will be raising money for the Walk in Sister Shoes St. Katharine Drexel Fund- HSCA benefits greatly from this fundraiser! I’ve told the students they need to ask your permission before bringing their donations. The official start date is January 7, 2019.

3. Beginning in January, we will be having a Junior Achievement volunteer present five different lessons where students learn about individual choices, money, the importance of saving and giving, and the value of work. Our volunteer’s name is Mr. Shaw and he visits once a week.


Image result for winter clipartUpcoming Events for January


 January    7               Walk in Sister Shoes Fund begins (through March 1st )

                 9                Late Start- School begins at 9:00a (Tag Day $2- colors are Gold & White)

                 11               2nd Quarter Report Cards will be sent home

                 18               NO SCHOOL- Teacher In-Service

                 21               NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

                 23              Late Start- School begins at 9:00a (Tag Day $2- colors are Black & Gold)


     25              Birthday Celebration/UJAAMA Day in Extended Day

                 27              Catholic Schools Week begins- All parents and students are invited and

encouraged to attend 11:00a Mass at Holy Savior Catholic Church

Pastries for Parishioners after Mass from HSCA

More information forth coming for Catholic Schools Week events.

                 29               Catholic Schools Week “National Day of Giving”

                 27-Feb. 1- Catholic Schools Week


Image result for winter clipartWith God’s Grace and Mercy,  

                         Mrs. Rodriguez                                            

Hello parents and students!

Here are a few educational websites that your kindergarten child can work on at home. Research shows that keeping your child engaged over the summer months will help him/her not to lose skills they learned the previous school year!

I hope you and your child enjoy these websites.



Mrs. Rodriguez

Mrs. Rodriguez
Lead Teacher/Kindergarten