October Newsletter 2018               



12 End of Q1 October Birthday Celebration Day/UJAMAA Day in afternoon Extended Day

15 NO SCHOOL – Teacher In-Service Day

16 Q2 Begins


19 Q1 grades due in office/PowerSchool by 4pm

22 CSAL Basketball Practice can begin


26 NO SCHOOL - Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences Q1 Report cards will be distributed at conferences



Thank you for all the prayers  and patience during my recent hospitaliztions in September.


Starting October 1 we will be starting our 1st standard for the Kansas State Testing Multiplication.  For the past 6 weeks we have reviewing Adding and Subtracting with 2 and 3 digit numbers, rounding numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds and telling time. It is VERY IMPORTANT  that students complete their homework.  Homework re-enforces what the  students have learned during the day.


We are doing book studies.  The students need to be able to compare and contrast themes, found out the main idea with supporting details,  cause and effect, sequencing and most important comprehension.  We have read "Because of  Winn Dixie", "Balto" , and "Judy Moody".  Starting in October we will be reading "Sarah Plain and Tall".


Parent-Teacher Conference is October 26.  Please make a reservations for your conference.


See you you October

Ms. Abair






The students wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth II of England. (This was before we knew about the upcoming royal wedding.) She was gracious enough to reply. The students received a letter plus brochures about Buckingham Palace, The Queen's early life, the Queen's Royal Duties, and Her pets. The letter and the brochures are displayed by the Office, please take a look.




School is almost over but the students must stay focused until the last day. That means doing the work in class and the homework. Summer uniforms start April 3. Please remember there will still be a few cool days in April and May. The students may need sweaters in the morning and in class.



April will be a month of testing. The Kansas State Assessments starts April 9-20 and the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing immediately follows. Dr. Shropshire sent a letter with the schedule for testing and suggestions on what you can do at home to prepare for the test. I want to remind you that all students need either headphone or earbuds. Please check and see if your child has working headphone or earbuds. (the cheapest place you can buy them is at the Dollartree)





We will have homework everyday until April 9. This homework will be review of the things we have studied this year: fraction, multiplication, rounding, graphing, gallon conversion, money and 2 step word problems. Students should read 30 minutes a day and do the daily grammar homework worksheets.






Please make sure that your child is doing the BMPH homework. The BMPH booklet correlates with math we are doing in class.



In the afternoons after testing the students will be doing their volcano unit.  The students will learn about the different lays that make up a volcano. They will be making paper mache volcanoes, paint them, adding vegetation and at the end of week the volcanoes will erupt. We need empty clean 15-16 oz. plastic bottle or can and newspaper by April 9. Please check the website for picture.


Enjoy the spring 


Ms. Abair

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Winter is officially here! . A new year is upon us and we are filled with excitement for what is yet to come. We have already learned so much in the past few months with our Polar Express Pajama Party, Stone Soup lunch and Eating with the Eclipse, but there is much more to come. As the upcoming months will be challenging with new material such as fractions, becoming fluent with our multiplication facts (0-12), poetry and volcanoes (science) and most importantly preparing for state testing. Please know that we are here to help your child in any way we can. Thank you for your continued support!


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  1. Even though the weather is getting much colder, the children still need an outlet to expel some energy. Therefore, we will be going outside for recess if it is above 32 degrees. Please have children wear appropriate clothing for going outside and a sweater to wear in the classroom.

  2. Library Books: Don’t forget to put library books back in your backpack to be returned to the library each week. Library is every Monday.

  3. Please remember to sign your child’s agenda each night. This is a great way to communicate with your child about their school work. When parents and children communicate, they both feel more connected! Homework is expected back to school the next day. Find a quiet and organized place in your home for your child to work on homework. Often parents will check the homework assignments each evening, this may help your child to feel less overwhelmed. Try having your child do his or her math (We will have a review homework sheet in Math and their daily math), spelling and word study right when they get home and save the reading until later in the evening. Please have students read a minimum if 20 minutes a day.

  4. Headphones or ear-buds are needed for every student so that they are able to work daily on their laptops.


  • Image result for school teacher clip JANUARY'S IMPORTANT DATES:

January 3 3rd quarter and 2nd semester starts

8 “Walk in Sister's Shoe's” begins

8-Feb. 2 NWEA MAP Windows/ MAP testing

10 LATE START CLASSES BEGINS AT 9AM (breakfast will be served)

11 Report cards sent home

12 Teacher In-Service NO SCHOOL

15 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday NO SCHOOL

19 January Birthday celebration UJAMAA Day in afternoon Extended Day

24 LATE START CLASSES BEGINS AT 9AM (breakfast will be served)

28-Feb. 3 Catholic School Week

See the source image

Character Trait Students will work on in January


deference (respect, politeness, civility and compliancy)


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It is not too late to bring up those grades.  The students need to read the directions, double check and do your best on their homework and class work and turn it in.

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1st Q2 progress report sent home

7th Scholar Bowl (support our team

      Tuition Due

8th Feast of the Immaculate Conception HOLY DAY school starts at the Church

      December Birthday Celebrations/UJAMAA Day in afternoon Extended Day

12th Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

13th LATE START CLASSES START AT 9:00 am (breakfast will be severed)

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19th Christmas Program at the Church (important part of Music grade)



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Folktale are stories originating in a popular culture and typically first passed on by word of mouth. Fables are legendary stories about useful truths like kindness, friendship, and loyalty, etc.

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Review of time measurement, rounding, area, and multiplication 0-10.

While doing your after Christmas Shopping, please think about school supplies.  Our class always needs copy paper, tissues and paper towels.

Be safe and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Year!!! See you in January.

Ms. Abair

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October Newsletter

Upcoming Events


1          Tuition payment due

6          ALL MISSING ASSIGNMENT SENT HOME MUST RETURN on                        October 12

7          Red  and Black Banquet ( Wichita Marriott)

11        Late Start Classes begin at 9AM Breakfast will be served

13        End of 1st quarter October Birthday celebration Day 3rd grade are have a                Pizza Party we had the most parent at Welcome Back to School Night

16        2nd  quarter starts

25        Late Start Classes begin at 9AM Breakfast will be served.

29        CSAL Coaches Certification Clinic

30        CSAL Basketball Practice can begin Parent-Teacher Conferences – 6-         8pm

31        NO SCHOOL - Parent-Teacher Conferences – 8a-4p  Q1 Report cards         distributed at   conferences along with MAP results


We just finished our first round of MAP testing



Please help!  If your child is still struggling with addition and subtraction please practice with Flash Cards, Flash Cards, and more Flash Cards.  Multiplication is just fast adding.

Reading and Social Studies

Sarah Plain And Tall, a children's book,  written Patricia MacLachan, and the winner of the 1986 Newberry Medal, the 1986  Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction and the 1986 Golden Kite Award, explores themes of loneliness, abandonment, and coping with change.



Dear Parents and Guardian,

This is a follow up letter to the discussion we had at Back to School Night. I pray that all of our families and students are invested in Holy Savior Catholic Academy and will sign their child up for at least one extracurricular activities. Students who regularly participated in after-school programs surpassed their peers in academic performance. They also exhibited notable improvements in work habits and behavior. Some of the programs we have available for third grade are:

  • Chess during school

  • Altar Servers (Catholic Students Only contact Ms. Penelton)

  • Choir Wednesday evening at 4:30pm (there is no charge for afterschool care that one day only )

  • Robotics (students must be recommended by teacher)

  • UBUNTU Village Saturday School

KUMON suggest several reasons students should be involved in extracurricular activities here are a few. But, I think the best reason is to form better Christian and have Christian morals.

1.       Time Management and Prioritizing Extracurricular activities teach children how to manage their time and prioritize various tasks and commitments.

2.       Exploring Diverse Interests The school band, drama club, or any sport may be an activity your children are interested in joining.  By allowing your children the opportunity to explore diverse interests, you give them the opportunity to discover what they are passionate about. Once your children find an activity that they enjoy, succeeding in the activity could ultimately build their confidence and self-esteem.

3.       Making a Contribution Extracurricular activities allow your children to make a contribution to their school or community, which is an important step in preparing them for life outside of academics.

4.       Building Self-Esteem Mastering new skills can help build confidence in children. By participating in after-school activities, they can build their self-esteem in a relaxed setting as their activities provide the opportunity to be successful in something that they are passionate about.

Which one(s) would you like to sign-up for? Activities start next week. Please return by Monday.


Student’s name_______________________________________________

Parent’s Signature_____________________________________________