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September 17, 2019


Dear Parent


I hope that I have gotten to meet you either in the classroom, at the Welcome Back to School Night or at the The Blessing of the school.. isn't the new school FABULOUS? Dr. Shropshire, Mr. Stutey,  and myself has high expectation for these great third graders. The third grade is a is a time of lots of first. It will the first time they take the Kansas State Test, learning multiplication, a Religion test, hosting the Holy Mass (students will be reading the Holy Scripture, being altar servers and reading petitions). When the new church is completed every student will have a special job during the Holy Mass. I hope you will come and support us as we host the Holy Mass in the school library and at the new church.


In order for the students to reach our goal of 1.3 growth and meet there high expectations there are a few things you help us with:

  • Attendance: be here everyday and on time

  • Have a great breakfast at home or at school. The school provides a second chance snack between 8-9 am everyday.

  • Homework is very important. There will be one page of reading and math and should write their spelling words 3 times every night Monday thru Thursday. The students spelling word are in their agendas. BMPH (a extra math hour) has a special booklet that support what we are doing in class. That assignment is given every Tuesday and is due the following Tuesday. Please make sure a work has their name, number and date 

  • Encourage student in their quest for learning. Everyday after prayer we recite Gap Kids Back to School Mantra (we can do anything we put our minds to...) check out the video.

  • Appropriate behaviors

  • Student that are absent on test days or get less than 70% on a test will get a second chance to retake the test. Please check their agendas to make sure you know if they need to study and retake a test.

  • Agenda should be check and signed daily.



Help us help your child be the best that they can be.


God Bless

Ms. Abair



                      October Newsletter 2018               



12 End of Q1 October Birthday Celebration Day/UJAMAA Day in afternoon Extended Day

15 NO SCHOOL – Teacher In-Service Day

16 Q2 Begins


19 Q1 grades due in office/PowerSchool by 4pm

22 CSAL Basketball Practice can begin


26 NO SCHOOL - Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences Q1 Report cards will be distributed at conferences



Thank you for all the prayers  and patience during my recent hospitaliztions in September.


Starting October 1 we will be starting our 1st standard for the Kansas State Testing Multiplication.  For the past 6 weeks we have reviewing Adding and Subtracting with 2 and 3 digit numbers, rounding numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds and telling time. It is VERY IMPORTANT  that students complete their homework.  Homework re-enforces what the  students have learned during the day.


We are doing book studies.  The students need to be able to compare and contrast themes, found out the main idea with supporting details,  cause and effect, sequencing and most important comprehension.  We have read "Because of  Winn Dixie", "Balto" , and "Judy Moody".  Starting in October we will be reading "Sarah Plain and Tall".


Parent-Teacher Conference is October 26.  Please make a reservations for your conference.


See you you October

Ms. Abair

Dear Parents and Guardian,

This is a follow up letter to the discussion we had at Back to School Night. I pray that all of our families and students are invested in Holy Savior Catholic Academy and will sign their child up for at least one extracurricular activities. Students who regularly participated in after-school programs surpassed their peers in academic performance. They also exhibited notable improvements in work habits and behavior. Some of the programs we have available for third grade are:

  • Chess during school

  • Altar Servers (Catholic Students Only contact Ms. Penelton)

  • Choir Wednesday evening at 4:30pm (there is no charge for afterschool care that one day only )

  • Robotics (students must be recommended by teacher)

  • UBUNTU Village Saturday School

KUMON suggest several reasons students should be involved in extracurricular activities here are a few. But, I think the best reason is to form better Christian and have Christian morals.

1.       Time Management and Prioritizing Extracurricular activities teach children how to manage their time and prioritize various tasks and commitments.

2.       Exploring Diverse Interests The school band, drama club, or any sport may be an activity your children are interested in joining.  By allowing your children the opportunity to explore diverse interests, you give them the opportunity to discover what they are passionate about. Once your children find an activity that they enjoy, succeeding in the activity could ultimately build their confidence and self-esteem.

3.       Making a Contribution Extracurricular activities allow your children to make a contribution to their school or community, which is an important step in preparing them for life outside of academics.

4.       Building Self-Esteem Mastering new skills can help build confidence in children. By participating in after-school activities, they can build their self-esteem in a relaxed setting as their activities provide the opportunity to be successful in something that they are passionate about.

Which one(s) would you like to sign-up for? Activities start next week. Please return by Monday.


Student’s name_______________________________________________

Parent’s Signature_____________________________________________