Holy Savior

Catholic Academy

Pre K 3


November 2018

                                                            Mission Statement

Through encouragement, evangelization,

and educational excellence, Holy Savior

Catholic Academy will help African-

American and other diverse students

build hope  that they can be successful

learners and successful in life.


From Ms. Matthews


My objectives this year are to help better

Prepare your child for PreK4

emotionally, socially and academically in

a positive and nurturing environment.


We will focus on one letter per week.

This month our letters are Ii, Jj, Kk and Ll. In addition to our letter per week

your children will also practice:

·         capital and lowercase letters

·         Spelling and writing first and last name

·         Writing and recognition of numbers and shapes

·         Learning 7 days a week and learn their own birthdays. Learning about the meaning of the American Flag, city and state we live in

·         They will learn to match objects with numerals 1-10

Upcoming Events:


Nov. 6 BMPH First Incentive Point Check (at least 70 points to earn incentive trip)


Nov. 7 LATE START-Classes begin at 9am


Nov. 8 Scholars Bowl (Location: TBD)


Nov. 14 LATE START-Classes begin at 9am


Nov. 19-20 NO SCHOOL- Regan Catechetical Institute (Location: KMC)


Nov. 21-23 NO SCHOOL-Thanksgiving Break


Nov. 26-30 High School Placement Test


Nov. 28 LATE START-Classes begin at 9am


Nov. 30 Q2 Progress Reports sent home


Happy Thanksgiving


God Bless,


      Ms. Matthews