October 16, 2017


Dear Parents of Middle School Girls,

It is that time again to begin preparing for the basketball season.  Coach Ramirez and Coach Murdock are returning as coaches for the girl’s team.  We will have one girls’ team for our school.  Because we will only have one team, our 6-7-8 grade will play on one 8th grade team.

Our practice times and location will be as follows:

Days                                           Times                          Dates                                   

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays      4:15-6pm            Beginning Monday, Oct. 23

All practices will be held at Holy Savior Catholic Church gymnasium.    

Please be sure that your child has her sports physical for this year.  As always, grades are an important part of being a student athlete, that being said, students must maintain good grades and stay on top of their school work. 


Ms. Delia Shropshire, PhD




cc:  Coach Ramirez

Basketball season is November-February and is open to all middle school girls.


Adrian Love
(316) 684-2141