Until now, is fast becoming the school of choice for parents seeking quality, faith based education that includes diversity and strong individual attention for every child. Holy Savior Catholic Academy (HSCA) serves approximately 185-200 students, most of whom are African American along with Hispanic American, Asian American, Native American, and European American children. The current enrollment is 185.

HSCA is a small school providing alternative quality education for northeast part of Wichita, Kansas and beyond. Over the years, HSCA has been housed in three different locations: Erie Street, East Kellogg, and East 15th Street. Its mission has always been to provide Catholic education to the children of Holy Savior Parish and to children who live in the heart of the inner city.

The school opened in 1948. Holy Savior school at one time served a student population of 454 white, middle class, Catholic children in post war Wichita. Originally white and middleclass, the neighborhood soon became more and more diverse. Throughout its history the school has welcomed children of all ethnic backgrounds and faiths. Presently only 20% of our students are Catholic.

Graduates (Catholic and non-Catholic) go on to Kapaun Mt Carmel and other area high schools. We number college graduates and professionals among our alumni. Many attribute their success to the foundation they received at Holy Savior.

HSCA is a community school in more ways than one. Our very existence has depended upon the generous support of the Catholic Community at large. It is a source of pride and encouragement that the whole Church recognizes and supports Holy Savior’s outreach and service to the predominately African American Community of northeast Wichita.

Our dream is to have a first class facility located in the heart of the inner city that will provide a quality, value based, and culturally sensitive education for the mainly African American children living in the area. Presently, children whose parents are not members of Holy Savior parish (more than 70%) must pay tuition for their children to attend HSCA. Because of the efforts of parishioners and generous donors, our tuition remains affordable to make Catholic education a possibility for all families to attend HSCA.