Welcome Back,

We are in our last semester at our current facility. I would like you to join me each day in your prayers to thank God and the many hands that have made "Our New Hope, New Home, Built of Living Stones Campaign" a reality.

This semester has proven to be busy already. Your students have been invited to the Governor's MLK celebration to sing on January 17, 2019. Coincidentally, we were also invited to sing at McConnell Air Force Base on the same day, but we were already booked! We are traveling again on January 24, 2019 to the State Capitol for the National School Choice celebration. Many of our students have benefited from the legislation to promote school choice and we are going to show our appreciation and support. We will also visit the Brown vs the Board of Education Mural and Historic Site.

We are MAP testing to monitor our 1.3 year growth and working on our BMPH to earn incentive points for our next incentive. Please encourage your child to do their best to meet their MAP goals and/or earn 150-160 BMPH incentive points in order to receive the next incentive.

Catholic Schools Week begins January 27, 2019 and end February 1, 2019. Look for the listing of Catholic Schools week activities in a flier, on the website and in an email. We have two community service projects during the month of January: Walk in Sisters Shoes and St. Vincent DePaul Weekend Backpack program. Both of these programs benefit the urban Catholic schools. HSCA benefits greatly from both of these programs, so please support. The National Day of Giving to Catholic schools is on January 29th. Please use the link provided to select our school to donate. Let's have our school have the highest donation in the the nation. As the date draws near, Ms. Santiago will send out the link. Please forward the link to everyone you know!!!

Have you driven by the new school? What a miracle!!! Just when you think God has done it all, He reminds us that He cannot be outdone in generosity. While at the Black Catholic Congress XII in Orlando, Florida this summer a mural of Black and African American Saints was unveiled. As we looked at this beautiful depiction of saints of color around the Throne of Grace, Father and I both thought how awesome it would be to have that mural in our new school as a sign of our Catholicity and a tool for evangelization. Well, as God does, He provides. Without knowing  this background, a wonderful person contacted me to see if we would like to investigate having very nice Catholic art in the new school and then mentioned the mural from the Congress. I said we have been praying about that very idea. Some phone calls were made and God being who He is, made it possible! (Of course this is the short version!)



Dear Parents,

We are so excited about the progress of the new church and school. We have taken the students though the site twice on the school buses on our way back from Mass. The students cheered the first time at seeing a completed parking lot.  On the second drive through the site on Friday, October 19, the students all yelled through the windows at Fr. Billinger's signal; "Thank you for building our new church and school", to all of the constructions workers on site. It has been very surreal for me to see the project coming to fruition and to see the glow in our students' eyes. 



Tatum and I dropped by the day before to arrange the drive through on November 19. We both had a chance to walk through the site with construction helmets on. 



Have you Driven by the 13th Street site? If you have not, you should. The parking lot is complete, the school pad is clear and ready, and the footings are being poured for the foundation of the church! What a mighty God we serve! Please keep your eyes opened and ears peeled for information about pre-enrollment and early registration for next year. We want to ensure that our returning students have their spaces reserved now because many people will try to enroll in our new facility. We are currently at 175 students. Our new school will house 250 students. This means we only have 75 spaces available for new students. 


Here is the link for Support for Catholic Schools


Please share it with anyone that wish to learn more about this tax credit opportunity.

August 16, 2017     

Dear Parents,

Welcome to an exciting year at Holy Savior Catholic Academy; Wichita’s best kept secret. We are growing and expanding our hearts and our minds for service of our brother’s and sister’s in the Kingdom of God. We are proud that we have some exciting news for you. We are almost at our goal for the Capital Campaign. We presently have 161 students. We have two new instructional coaches, Debbie Thompson and DeAnn Heersche, joining us to help our children reach their 1.3 years growth model.  We have Career Cruising for 6-8th grade to help students identify areas of strength and interest in order to better prepare for the future. We have Chrome books in all grades 2nd through 8th and Kunos in pre-k through 1st .  We have KidzLit, a reading program provided by the Boys and Girls Club in Ubuntu Village School after school for students in K - 3rd grade.(See next article below.) Finally, we have an exciting MTSS strategy called Phonics Power Hour (PPH).

PPH is similar to BMPH (Bernie’s Math Power Hour), our math basic skills class on Tuesdays, in that it will reinforce basic reading concepts to increase automaticity in reading which improved reading comprehension. This program is for grades 1-5 and will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30-9:30 a.m.  Each student will work at their individual level during that hour. This will ensure instruction is differentiated for every student, each nine weeks we will reassess students and adjust level according to their growth with the ultimate goal of reaching 1.3 years growth in reading.

Please remember that you have a parenting class that you are required to take each quarter and we hope that you would volunteer in the school, too. Please remember all volunteers must be VIRTUS trained. Additionally, we are having a Parent-Teacher trip this year. If you remember how much fun we had at Grace Hill Winery and Abilene, you will be happy to know that we will be returning to Abilene, Kansas for a historic train ride while enjoying the world famous Brookfield Inn fried chicken on October 14, 2017.

Finally, all correspondence will be transmitted electronically or by School Messenger. Please log onto the website regularly for updates and make sure we have all current contact information. Back to School Night is August 24, 2017 beginning at 6 pm in the church gym with our Annual Parent Teacher Potluck Dinner.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Sincerely in the Joy of Gospel,


Dr. Delia Shropshire

Parents of Holy Savior Students, Grades K-3rd,

This coming school year Holy Savior will be offering a Literacy Program through the Boys and Girls Club of South Central Kansas during the after school program. The KidzLit Literacy Program focuses on a new picture book every week covering a range of themes such as multiculturalism, self-esteem building, family relationships, legends and myths, and treating others with kindness. Each week, our KidzLit facilitator, Lauren Rust, will be reading a book aloud before leading the kids in a variety of implicit literacy learning activities, including: art projects, role-play, group and individual writing projects, and games. Because KidzLit focuses on instilling a love of reading and literacy in children, this program will provide age appropriate lessons for every grade level.  Be sure to look out for art projects and writing pieces coming home with your child. The KidzLit classes will be held during the after school program in Ms. Rodriguez’s and Ms. Noonan’s classrooms. We are so excited about thisn partnership between Holy Savior and the Boys and Girls Club, and we hope that your child find enjoyment and enrichment in the KidzLit program. 


Grace Katzmar                                                             
Literacy Program Director Boys and Girls Club of         
South Central Kansas


Delia Shropshire, PhD




The Parent News series will cover the following topics:

September: The Catholic school advantage

October: Catholic schools as communities of faith

November: Catholic schools as communities of academic excellence

December: Current parental choice programs supporting Catholic education

January: Encouragement to become a parent ambassador

February: Best practices for working locally for parental choice programs

March: Catholic schools as communities of respect

April: Catholic schools as communities of personal excellence

May: Catholic schools as communities of social involvement and civic engagement